Cargo Van

Cargo Van Information


Radio / CD
GPS on request

Parking sensors
Cruise control

Interior dimensions:

Length 2.80 m
Width 1.60 m

Height 1.80 m


Cargo Van Rental price

The prices shown in the table are the prices of renting a cargo van without a driver. Price includes all costs. You can also rent a cargo van with driver. For rental conditions with a driver, please contact us.

To rent a cargo van, the agency may require a deposit. For more information about the van rental deposit, please contact us.

We also offer a passenger van that you can rent without a driver.


The number of days

The price

  • 1-4 70€
  • 5-10 60€
  • 11-20 55€
  • 21-30 50€
  • 30+ 40€

* Payment in dinars or credit card

Reservation request

Payment when you pick up the vehicle.