Basic conditions for renting a vehicle

The driver must have a minimum of 21 years.
Minimum 2 years of possession of the driver’s license and obligatory for inspection.
Mandatory identification – identity card or passport for inspection.

Minimum vehicle use time is 1 day (24 hours). Allowed overrun is 59 min. After that time, it’s charged all day.

Unlimited mileage

The rental price includes unlimited mileage, except in cases when the car is rented for up to 2 days (then the mileage is limited to 200km per day and each exceeded kilometer is charged).

Payment and Deposit

  • Renting a vehicle is payable when the vehicle is taken over, with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex), payment to an account (legal entities) or cash
  • is liable, and it is cash.
  • The deposit is determined according to the price list based on the vehicle group and the length of the lease

Tax (VAT) for rental service is included in the rental price.

Pick up and return vehicles

The vehicle can be loaded and returned to our office, and it is possible to deliver or return the vehicle outside the office, or at the selected location.
The vehicle can be retrieved and returned beyond normal working hours, at an extra charge.
When downloading and returning a vehicle, it is mandatory to sign a vehicle condition form, and we advise you to inspect the vehicle together with our employee.